Omer Shapira

It’s rather painful that it’s hard to distinct this image as being an ironic visual status quo or realistic.

Das Leben am Haverkamp (website)

“It was the Princeton psycholinguist Sam Glucksberg who in 2003 argued that metaphors are really categorisation proposals. Provocations, you might call them.”

It’s interesting to approach a metaphor as a collective way of putting everything in order.

Extrapool: green is the grass
Larry Tesler

All hail Larry Tesler – the godfather of modern culture – as he proposed the “cut”, “copy” and “paste” functions for the early text editors in 1974.

Das Leben am Haverkamp (Identity)
Speculative Everything

This book is man-da- … wait for it … -tory

Da Vinci and Frankensteins monster walk into a bar

tentatively significant (p=0.107)
too far from significance (p=0.12)
trend bordering on statistical significance (p=0.066)
trend in a significant direction (p=0.09)
trend in the direction of significance (p=0.089)
trend significance level (p=0.06)
trend toward (p>0.07)
trending towards significance (p>0.15)
trending towards significant (p=0.099)
uncertain significance (p>0.07)
vaguely significant (p>0.2)

In science the rules for significance are easy – it’s either significant or not. However, when publicising a lot a scientists make it into a sport to make it sound a bit more interesting. This is a selection from a long list of clever, beautifully phrased though still-no-significance.

Phuture West Bookings (Website)
Legowelt – Dark Days
Acquaintance cards

These cards were used in a time where it was only classy to hit on a woman if you would have pre-printed card with you.

Fabian Bredt – Sharing is Caring
FC DDW 2015
Jan Banning - Bureaucratics

Jan Banning’s Bureaucratics is a serie of 50 environmental portraits of civil servants in eight countries. I like how these seemingly boring settings are like “Where’s Waldo?” – what is leisure and what is work, what is functional and what is symbolic?

Ons Bronko drijf Oor Die See (Look book)
The Show-Off Show

“Evident in this persistent advertising of abortion services was the assumption that in entering the term ‘abortion’, I wanted to secure this procedure. In actuality I had no intention or search a termination, but every intention to research Google itself.”

Is it even possible to translate one’s intention into search terms? And how do search results alter intentions?


This is a video I once made during my studies at the art academy. It was about “designing a joke”. It ended up with a banana sitting in a chair with his “pants” unzipped watching this video. It doesn’t really have a clue but I still enjoy it.

A souvenir from D.L.A.H.

“Dear Theo,

Once again I am in need of funds. I know what a burden I must be to you, but who can I turn to? I need money for materials! I am working almost exclusively with dental floss now, improvising as I go along, and the results are exciting. God! I have not even a penny left for Novocaine! Today I pulled a tooth and had to anesthetize the patient by reading him some Dreiser. Help.


In Without Feathers Woody Allen rewrites the correspondence between Theo and Vincent from a dental perspective. Hilarious and maybe even more insightful than the average historical correct book.

De Twaalfde Man

Nice schematic of how lean technology can be.


“Just as environmental scientists describe the health of the earth as the capacity of a complex system to maintain a stable environment within a relatively narrow range, we propose the formulation of health as the ability to adapt and to self manage social, physical, and emotional challenges.”

Strangely enough, Machteld Huber and colleagues seem to be the first ones who tried to redefine the World Health Organization’s definition of health set in 1948 (!) and hasn’t been altered ever since (!!).

Nieuw Loket
The Messenger (1972)

Freedom from imprisonment. This is from The Messenger, a magazine by and for the men of the South Dakota State Penitentiary, Sioux Falls, South Dakota from 1972. This page was from the “Welcome to the Art Gallery” section where inmates could send drawings and paintings, going from semi-nudes to scenics.

happyChaos presents: Momentum
The Selective Student
Ruben Verkuylen - Upholstery experiments version 2

Public transport upholstery – a design tool intended to cover up what you’d rather not see nor know by being a very apparent.

Ruben Verkuylen - Upholstery experiments version 2
MADODA (Look book)
How my sleeping pattern interfered with reading Sloterdijk’s “Foam”

Occasionally, loss of holistic awareness due to division of labor between humans and machines ends up in disasters. This is a worry for flying planes that are so automated that the pilots lose their ability react in manual mode.

I love machines but this always a question I have to ask myself.

Haron – District Iron
Mutant Beat Dance – PolyfonikDizko
Flash Face

Making an accurate facial composite of my own face was harder than I thought.

Buck-Buck-Buck: M-GUN!
Legowelt – Laundromat of Your Mind

DIY Toolkit is very interesting tool for everyone to kickstart their plan, process, group, platform, boyband, whatever

Two-sided stories: BAKK001 to BAKK003
Don’t design the appearance, design the tools
Backseat Smack – Antal, Haron and Still Serious Nic & The Social Lover
Night Flight

A flyer I once did for the monthly Night Flight parties we threw. Still like the simple fun in it.

Haron – Optics EP
Backseat Smack – FunkinEven, R-A-G, and more
Online Radio Festival

Fun/clever way of designing the most boring thing: the timetable.

Mark du Mosch – Midnight Run
Backseat Smack – Legowelt & Xosar, Pamétex & Raoul and Still Serious Nic
Night Flight

Flyer of Night Flight party back in the ol’ days, still a nice solution for two parties on one night.

Mark Du Mosch – Amulet EP
Backseat Smack – Aroy Dee, Jeroen Kok and Still Serious Nic
I lost the source

Back in the days when parties had “Spinal Sonic Special Affects“, the rest is obsolete.

Haron – Smoke and Mirrors
Backseat Smack – Berend Kirch, Gustav Goodstuff and Still Serious Nic
Twister Sifter

Published in a New Jersey newspaper in 1933, this photo was distributed as a strong image towards the press and public that undercover detectives and civilians should be an answer to crime. The figure third from the right is believed to be Sergeant Frank Fahy, aka “The Shadow”, the force’s most effective undercover operative at the time. I like the stylishness and clean white scarfs as a solution to the filth.

Deniro – Grey
Backseat Smack – DJ TLR, 751 and Still Serious Nic
Boing Boing

Besides the cassette being one of the earliest forms of a P2P network I’m big sucker for the limited rectangular space for it gave for fandom art.